Peace of Mind First: Tencel ®

Peace of Mind First: Tencel ®

They are our clothes that come into closest contact with our skin. But most of us do not have enough information about the content of this contact. However, what is priceless is the content of the fabric rather than the brand of the clothing. TENCEL fabric, which is one of the most natural and valuable fabric types; It consists of fibers obtained from the eucalyptus tree.

Although it should be called " lyocell " due to the name of the fiber, the brand name is known as "TENCEL". Developments started in 1972. And when Lenzing (AG) acquired the Tencel ® brand in 2004, it became the sole producer of the yarn. For this reason, a certificate approved by Lenzing (AG) is required for all brands that use TENCEL fabric in production.

The processes that take place in the formation of the fabric are;

1-) Wood pulp is disintegrated and broken in amino oxide solution without cellulose chains. Amino oxide solution is a non-toxic organic solution and can be recycled and reused without any harm to nature. Approximately 99% of the solution is recyclable.

2-) The prepared solution is passed through steel plates called "duse", which resemble a shower head and contain hundreds of holes depending on the thickness and shape of the fiber to be produced.

3-) The fibers from the duches are washed and the solvent is removed before drying. A very small amount of waste is produced during production and these wastes are harmless. Additionally, energy consumption is low.

4-) As the final process, the resulting fibers are dried and made ready for use.

Moreover, this entire process is environmentally friendly and aims to preserve the balance of nature. The compostability of biodegradable fibers indicates that they are completely recyclable. 

Clothes made from this fabric are absorbent than cotton , softer than silk and cooler than linen ;

  • Resistant
  • Flexible
  • breathable
  • machine washable

Thanks to TENCEL fabric, which offers both natural and comfort; Your clothes will remain as colorful and bright as the first day and will not be deformed . Its breathable fabric absorbs moisture most effectively and does not cause the body to sweat. 

It is soft enough to make you feel comfortable all day long.

Its durable structure, suitable for many years of use, has a significant potential in the textile and clothing industry.

With our designs prepared from 100% TENCEL fabrics approved and certified by Lenzing; While your body feels comfortable, your heart will also feel comfortable! We will continue to care about you and nature...