about us

This is the story of two female entrepreneurs who set out to create their own, non-ordinary, unconventional brand by combining the experiences we have gained in our home textile adventure of more than 20 years with our own style and vision, using high quality fabrics and materials in our original style...

We prepared our collection according to the tastes and preferences of all countries of the world, especially Turkey, by synthesizing the home textiles, pajamas, nightgowns, dressing gowns, towels, bathrobes and bed linen products that we have designed and produced for world-famous brands for years.

All fabrics and accessories used in our products have been carefully selected, the highest quality materials have been used and production has been made with the highest quality of workmanship.

Our products are 100% domestic and national production.

We aimed to produce only fifty-two pieces of each pattern and model.

Our brand name Elli2 was born based on this philosophy.

Wishing you to be one of fifty-two special women!